UASCH Dress Code

In order to model the professional environment that many of our students will enter following graduation, our school has a uniform dress code policy. Students must come to school in uniform dress code every day. If a student arrives to school out of uniform, parents/guardian will be immediately contacted. A wide range of uniform options is available at our school.

  1. Every UASCH student must wear the school uniform while they are at school. The UASCH school uniform consists of UASCH shirt with school logo, or UASCH cardigan sweater, or UASCH outerwear with school logo, UASCH khaki (tan/beige) pants, or solid black pants, or khaki (tan/beige) or solid black skirts for girls and closed-toe shoes.

  2. No hats, caps, headgear, or hoodies on heads will be allowed in school. Hoodies cannot be on the head at any point in time while inside the building.

  3. Shoes must be worn on campus and at school functions. All shoes must be closed-toe shoes.

  4. Torn or radically altered clothing is not permitted.


  • Blue, White, or Gold Polo Shirt with UASCH logo

  • UASCH Gym T-Shirt with UASCH logo

  • UASCH cardigan sweater or other UASCH outerwear with UASCH logo

  • Long sleeve clothing under UASCH polo shirts must be in school colors: Navy Blue, White, or Gold


  • Khaki (tan/beige) pants, or solid black pants, or khaki (tan/beige) skirts or solid black skirts for girls

  • No shorts, sweatpants (no gym sweatpants), or capris


  • Closed-toed and closed-heal shoes of any color

  • No sandals, flip flops, or heels

Students will be responsible for wearing their UASCH school uniform throughout the school day, including lunch. Students out of uniform at any point during first and second period will serve a lunch detention the same day or the following day if out of uniform after lunch and be required to change into uniform.

  • Students are also allowed to not wear the school's uniform on their birthday. They can be creative and wear an outfit of their choice as long as it is appropriate.

A student violation of this policy is deemed willful defiance of the authority of the school principal.  Accordingly, violations of this policy will result in the following disciplinary actions:

  • Home contact, a verbal warning and the student will change clothing into one of the limited loaners available in the main office. Students who receive a UASCH uniform loaner or are out of uniform at any point during the school day will serve a lunch detention and will be required to change into uniform.

  • Further disciplinary action as permitted by NYCDOE policy/regulation.