About our school

UASCH offers a trimester schedule format that includes 55-minute period classes meeting 5 days a week, giving our students enough instructional hours to acquire 3 credits per period, per school year (as opposed to a semester schedule, where students acquire 2 credits per period). As our school emphasizes literacy, math, and science as the foundations to careers in healthcare, our students will complete high school coursework in english, math, science, and healthcare as first-year students. Over the course of a four-year high school career, the schedule allows for acceleration of classes to open up opportunities in the junior and senior years for extended blocks of work-based learning and early college articulated courses. Additionally, our schedule allows space for students who need additional supports, including slots in their schedule for intervention and repeat courses.

UASCH is co-located on the Franklin K. Lane Educational Campus with 4 other high schools: Multicultural High School, Brooklyn Lab School, The Academy of Innovative Technology, and Cypress Hills Collegiate Prep. UASCH opened in 2014 with a 9th grade cohort, and will continue to add a year of 9th graders each academic year until we reach capacity in the Fall of 2017, with our first graduating class in 2018.

UASCH teachers have incorporated AVID strategies including the use of binders, Cornell notes, Socratic seminars, and project-based learning, with the goal of increasing rigor in classroom instruction and supporting the development of students’ critical thinking skills.

Campus Offerings

  • school-based health center run by Northwell Health
  • Air Force JROTC program
  • a wide-ranging PSAL sports program, including basketball, bowling, boys' baseball, co-ed cricket, track and cross-country, boys' football, co-ed golf, girls' softball, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and boys' wrestling 
  • LYFE (Living for the Young Family through Education) center
  • YABC (Young Adult Borough Center) for older adolescents who are seeking continuing education
  • collaborative course offerings between the 5 high schools co-located on campus
  • a robust selection of after-school clubs and programs, including Choir, Jewelry Club, Anime Club, Model UN, Gender and Sexuality Alliance