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The Young Knights is a male leadership program developed for the male student population at the UASCH. Students were invited to join the group for various reasons identified by the staff. As of January 2018, there are 30 members of the program, with new students being recruited to join the group each month. New members are recruited by both student members and staff mentors. Each month students in the group meet to discuss various topics. Past topics have included "life after high school", "male role models", and "what does it mean to be a gentleman?" At the end of each monthly meeting, students are introduced to the month's "criteria."

Members are held to a behavioral and academic criteria on our campus, with an incentive coming later in the month if they hold themselves responsible for that month's specific criteria. Incentives have included trips to various Universities, tickets to a professional sporting events, and/or out of school experiences. The goal of the group is to promote positive behaviors, while introducing the young men to topics and experiences they may have not been exposed to in their everyday lives.

Club Heads: Mr. Schratweiser, Mr. Holl, Mr. Roman, and Mr. Russo

4/3/19 College Trip to Maryland

20 Young Knights were invited on a college trip to Maryland. We spent the first day on a tour of the University of Maryland’ beautiful College Park campus. That night we attended a Wizards vs. Bulls game at the Capital One Arena. The following day we embarked on a college tour of Towson University, where the students learned about admissions and the importance of test scores.


1/18/19 Urban Assembly boys conference at LIU

The Young Knights participated the Urban Assembly Boys Conference where they engaged in workshops with male entrepreneurs. They attended a motivational keynote speech and learned to tie a tie.


12/7/18 Ten80 Stem Event

The Young Knights took a trip to York College to attend the Ten80 STEM event. Students got to build and race remote control cars, pilot drones, and learn to code computers as they explored careers within the STEM field.

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10/19/18 Nets vs. Knicks Opening Night

Staff and students went to the season opening home game of the Nets vs. Knicks where we saw the Nets win! Students who attended completed criteria sheets which included 90% school attendance, positive school behaviors, and are passing the majority of their classes!


3/5/18 Black Panther

Students went to see Black Panther if they met high standards of behavior and academics.


1/30/18 Trip to St. John's university

Recently the Young Knights spent the day at St. John’s University. They were given a tour, participated in a Red Storm Pep Rally, ate on campus in the student dining hall, and attended a basketball game versus Xavier University.


Trip to Nets vs Knicks at barclay's Center

The Young Knights went on an incentive trip to the Brooklyn Nets vs. New York Knick's game at Barclays Center. In order for the students to be eligible, they were required to have no class lateness, no deans referrals, and get a reccomendation from a teacher.