Young Knightingales

The Young Knightingales, a student club for young women at UASCH, is new at UASCH. We’re looking forward to enhancing our young women’s life skills, relationships with teachers, and friendships with one another as the school year continues!

Advisors: Ms. Tabet, Ms. Potter, Ms. Major, Ms. Arendt, Ms. Kurtz, Ms. Dutton


Trip to Sephora

On a trip to Sephora for a make up tutorial, the girls learned about empowerment. Wear make up for yourself because you enjoy it, not for anyone else. 


3/5/18 Black Panther

On Monday, March 5, the group attended a special off-campus screening of Black Panther. The next day, we held our first official whole group event on campus, complete with pizza, yoga and breathing exercises, and a DIY stress ball activity.